Donate Your Treasure

The Purpose and Passion Foundation is committed to building others. But just like anything that is built, there must be a level of support that accompanies. For that reason, we offer 2 types of Sponsorship Opportunities:

P&P Foundational Sponsor

This opportunity is for the individual who desires to sow into the efforts of this organization. Be it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or a one-time donation, our foundational sponsors strive to be the footing for forward movement. They also help introduce other possible singular sponsors to the foundation and encourage them to take part in our efforts. To take part in building a solid foundation, choose your donation amount and frequency, and then select the “Givelify” Button to continue.

P&P Pillar Sponsor

This opportunity is for the corporate entity or organization that wishes to prop the establishment up and seed into all efforts of growth and expansion. From non-profits to churches, from Fortune 500s to local businesses, our Pillar Sponsors band together to keep the success of the foundation upstanding and positioned for success. If you are ready to become a pillar and uphold this movement, select the “Givelify” Button to continue.

If you have any questions about your gift,
please contact us via email at: [email protected] or by calling 866-462-5701, ext. 702.

We are an Officially Approved 501(C)(3) Organization. 
All Contributions Are Tax Deductible.

Donate Your Time

One of the greatest gifts that someone can give is their time. The Purpose and Passion Foundation welcomes volunteering efforts for those who wish to share their time by serving at various events and community efforts. From fundraisers to event planning, from serving food to creating care packages – the opportunities that arise will be plenty. But it takes the right person to look beyond and gravitate with an attitude or servitude.

We would love to hear from you and find out your availability to assist us. Please click here to join our Purpose and Passion Volunteer team.

Donate Your Talent

What is it that you do? From personal care to resume writing, from cooking to cleaning, from car maintenance to communication; we welcome you to share what you do and teach others to operate in that vein. The women we assist may need help with basic daily functions. They may need coaching with finances or doing their hair and nails. They may need to know how to shop for clothing or apply makeup. But as a member of our Purpose & Passion Talent Team, you will have the opportunity to not only showcase what you do, but help others learn to do it for themselves. From teaching workshops to hosting virtual seminars, your talent will be on display and you can help others find their purpose by teaching them to manifest.

Our community of women would be blessed by your talent and abilities. Please click here to join our Purpose and Passion Talent team.


If you have any questions about one of donation options listed above, please contact us via email at: [email protected] or via phone at 866-462-5701, ext. 702.